Candex (Oral Suspension)- 30 ml

Candex (Oral Suspension)- 30 ml

Brand Name: Nystatin
Mouth antifungal (Systemic antifungal)

Manufacturer:Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

৳ 46.84

Indication: Oropharyngeal& Esophageal Candidiasis.

Dosage & Administration: Children: In intestinal and oral candidiasis (thrush) 1,00,000 units (1 ml) should be dropped into the mouth four times daily. The longer the suspension is kept in contact with the affected area in the mouth, before swallowing, the greater will be its effect. For prophylaxis in the newborn the suggested dose is 1,00,000 units (1 ml) once daily or as prescribed by the physician. Adult: For the treatment of intestinal or esophageal candidiasis 5,00,000 units (5 ml) by mouth 3 or 4 times daily. The dose may be doubled, if required. For prophylaxis of intestinal candidiasis in adults 10,00,000 units (10 ml) daily. For prophylaxis to suppress the over growth of Candida albicans in patients receiving broad spectrum antibiotic therapy 10,00,000 units (10 ml) daily. For the treatment of dental sores and oral infection 1,00,000 units (1 ml) suspension should be dropped into the mouth four times daily. Older people with intestinal candidiasis who are unable to swallow tablets should be given 5,00,000 units (5 ml) suspension four times daily.

Preparation: Candex® 30 ml Suspension: Each pack contains 30 ml Nystatin Suspension along with a dropper.


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