Deflacort™ 30mg- 10 Pcs

Deflacort™ 30mg- 10 Pcs

Generic Name: Deflazacort
Systemic Corticosteroid (Glucocorticoid)

Manufacturer:Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

৳ 320.00

Indication: • Asthma • Severe Allergic & Inflammatory Conditions • Inflammatory Skin Disease- Dermatitis • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Ulcerative Colitis • Chronic Arthritis • Nephrotic Syndrome

Dosage & Administration:

In Adults For acute disorders, up to 120 mg/day Deflazacort may need to be given initially. Maintenance doses in most conditions are within the range 3 - 18 mg/day. In Rheumatoid arthritis: 3-18 mg/day & in Bronchial asthma: 48-72 mg/day. In Elderly In elderly patients, no special precautions other than those usually adopted in patients receiving glucocorticoid therapy are necessary. The common adverse effects of systemic corticosteroids may be associated with more serious consequences in old age. In Children • Initially 0.25-1.5 mg/kg/day • Bronchial asthma: 0.25-1.0 mg/kg/day • Juvenile chronic arthritis: 0.25-1.0 mg/kg/day • Nephrotic syndrome: 1.5Show more 

Preparation: Deflacort 6: Each box contains 50 tablets in blister packs. Deflacort 24: Each box contains 20 tablets in blister packs. Deflacort 30: Each box contains 10 tablets in blister pack. Deflacort Suspension: Each bottle containing 60 ml suspension and a measuring cup.


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