Duolax™ 100ml – 1 Pcs

Duolax™ 100ml – 1 Pcs

Generic Name: Magnesium Hydroxide & Liquid Paraffin
Faecal Softening Laxative (Laxative)

Manufacturer:Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

৳ 95.29

Indication: Constipation, Hyperacidity with constipation, Anorectal disorder, Post-operative constipation, Constipation associated with chronic cholecystitis, Hernia

Dosage & Administration: The dose should be taken before breakfast or at bedtime. The recommended oral doses are as follows- Adults and children over 12 years 15-30 ml daily, Children over 7 years 7.5 ml - 15 ml daily, Children over 3-7 years 5-10 ml daily. The dose may be mixed with milk or half a glass of water if desired.

Preparation: DuolaxTM Oral Emulsion: Each box contains 100 ml oral emulsion in PET bottle and a measuring cup


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