Flexilax® 10mg – 10 Pcs

Flexilax® 10mg – 10 Pcs

Generic Name: Baclofen
Central Muscle Relaxant (CNS Preparations)

Manufacturer:Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

৳ 90.00

Indication: Flexilax® is indicated for the treatment of muscle spasm, muscle contraction, spasticity resulting from multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and other spinal cord diseases, muscle spasm of cerebral origin especially infantile cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular accidents or neoplastic or degenerative brain disease, tension-type headache.

Dosage & Administration: Flexilax® (Baclofen) should be given in divided doses preferably 3 times daily for adults and 4 times daily for children. The lowest dose compatible with an optimal response is recommended. The dosage shall be started from 5 mg three times a day to a maximum of 20 mg three times a day.

Preparation: Flexilax® 5 Tablet: Each box contains 30 tablets in blister packing. Flexilax® 10 Tablet: Each box contains 30 tablets in blister packing.


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