Luraprex™ 40mg – 6 Pcs

Luraprex™ 40mg – 6 Pcs


Generic Name : Lurasidone
Antipsychotics (CNS Preparations)

Manufacturer : Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

৳ 210.00

Indication: Luraprex is indicated for schizophrenia & bipolar depression.

Dosage & Administration: Luraprex should be taken with food. Administration with food substantially increases the absorption of Lurasidone.


Starting Dose Recommended Dose
Schizophrenia 40 mg once daily 40 mg to 160 mg once daily
Bipolar Depression 20 mg once daily 20 mg to 120 mg once daily

Preparation: Luraprex 20 Tablet: Each box contains 20 tablets in blister pack. Luraprex 40 Tablet: Each box contains 12 tablets in blister pack.


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