Nebanol Plus® Oint 10gm – 1 Pcs

Nebanol Plus® Oint 10gm – 1 Pcs


Generic Name : Neomycin Sulphate, Bacitracin Zinc & Polymyxin B Sulphate
Antibacterial (Topical Preparations)

Manufacturer : Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

৳ 30.00

Indication: Infected wounds, burns or skin grafts, chronic varicose or other indolent ulcers, furuncles, carbuncles, pyoderma, sycosis barbae, impetigo and acne, secondary infected skin lesions of scabies, pediculosis, tinea pedis and contact and allergic dermatitis.

Dosage & Administration: A thin film to be applied one to three times daily.

Preparation: Nebanol Plus® ointment : 10 gm Ointment in Aluminum Tube.


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